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Ellie; Fangirl. Feminist. Female character stan. Multifandom mess. The only thing I can promise to consistently blog about is pretty ladies.

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"Caroline, of all people, will not make it as a vampire." [insp.]

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You’re still only human.

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Male Writer: Ah, anniversary jokes are so funny. Because chicks always hate it when you don't remember anniversaries! A plus gold very original
Male Writer: Mother in laws amirite?
Male Writer: My male character who is an author insert of myself pines after a woman I used to pine after in high school. Then they have sex. This is good literature.
Male Writer: Ugh female books are so romance filled
Male Writer: And girl fanfics, so mary sue-y
Male Writer: Now listen about this original middle aged man who is an expert in everything, suffers from ennui, looks like me, acts like me, and gets all the girls i want.
Male Writer: She was sexy in an alluring, boring way, filled with purple prose and riddled with objectification
Male Writer: If i make a female character parrot my misogynistic views, they cease to be misogynistic! Are you saying you don't respect my fake female characters opinions, feminists?
Male Writer: a good action girl is one who looks hot at all times
Male Writer: If the female main character got in an asskicking line, my work is Feminist with a capital F and no one can criticize me
Specifically White Male Writer: Heroic tropes are so overdone. I'm going to create a boring white guy with stubble to be a completely original antihero no one has ever seen before TM.
Same Guy: It's original because he is a jerk who gets away with bad behavior, just like I wish i could.
Another Specifically White Male Writer: It's in my universe to only have white men do things in my book. I mean, don't you care about historical accuracy
Same Guy: I mean, it's a generic fantasy verse with no real life time period equivalent and i haven't done any research, but i'm SURE that it's historically accurate. To that dark medieval dragon fighting europe period
Same Guy: Where in Europe? Who cares!
Male Writer: There is no better way to introduce a female character to a male character than by him saving her.
Male Writer: Characters hating each other is good sexual tension!
Male Writer: One female character and five male characters is a good team balance
Male Writer: If my female character chooses to act in a sexist -way, it's not sexist. In fact, because she CHOSE to do it, it is Feminist.
Male Writer: I am original
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"I love the art. And I felt like, creatively, there were things I wanted to do differently, and I wanted to explore other avenues of film and TV. I wanted to jump into different characters."

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Litchfield Inmates

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yo but mermaid monster hybrids though

  • vampire mermaids who prey on their own kind — when they get bitten, their scales fall off, their tails turn a slick and fleshy grey, a dorsal fin begins to sprout from their spine, and suddenly there’s six rows of teeth where once there was only one
  • mermaid medusas who’ve got eels for hair and it’s not their gaze that can turn you to stone but their song
  • fairy mermaids who’re born of spite and mischief — they’re small, the size of seahorses, and they speed through the currents causing mayhem and sometimes destruction
  • were-mermaids who turn into huge, hulking great whites when the full moon filters through the deep waters, who cannot be restrained because what shackles can you find in the deep?, who leave blood and guts in their wake
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